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Cologne on the Rhine. Or: From time to time

The Kölnische Stadtmuseum showed the successful Exhibition “Köln am Rhein. Oder: Von Zeit zu Zeit” from 08/24/2019 to 01/26/2020. Photographic views of squares, streets, churches, bridges and secular buildings were shown, each recorded as quartets at four different times from the same location in Cologne.
The oldest photographs were taken in the 1920 / 1930s and 1947. Cologne photographers Karl and Karl-Hugo Schmölz documented the condition of their hometown shortly before and after the Second World War in 26 pairs of pictures. The photos were compiled by the City of Cologne News Office under the direction of Hans Schmitt-Rost as an album and presented to important local politicians.
These pairs of images were supplemented by the photographers of the Rheinisches Bildarchiv Michael Albers, Helmut Buchen, Wolfgang F. Meier and Marion Mennicken in the years 1994 and 2018/2019 to form “quartets”. The photos thus impressively reflect the development of the city of Cologne over a period of around 90 years. We provide you with the changing cityscape in a virtual overview.
Note on the display of the database hits : If you want to see the quartets side by side in the hit list, please have the display sorted by title.

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